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Do not do abortions on the physical condition of the following!

Safe abortion with Misoprostol as Cytotec, gastrul, misotab, noprostol, infitex, and a variety of other brands misoprostol, could be an option for women experiencing an unplanned pregnancy and decided not to continue the pregnancy. In addition to secure, in contrast to the method of surgical abortion, medical abortion (or abortion using drugs) are also relatively more affordable and can be done at home without the need to go to an obat abortion clinic. Even so, there is some history of the disease are contraindicated medical abortion. Contraindications are situations in which a form of therapy and medication is not recommended because it can increase health risks for patients. Make sure that you are completely free from the following medical history before making a safe abortion with the drug.

heart disorders

Although the connection is not clear, but the use of misoprostol, especially vaginal, has been shown to have serious consequences for women with heart problems. The side effects that can be generated misoprostol against those who have heart problems include irregular heartbeat and even heart attacks and myocardial infarction or death of heart muscle. The cessation of the activity of the heart muscle can lead to death. If you do have heart problems or have signs of heart disease, should avoid safe abortion methods this one.

Kidney failure

obat aborsi murah

Misoprostol, or medication abortion, will increase the secretion of water and sodium in the body so aggravate renal performance. Therefore, those who have a history of renal failure should choose surgical abortion methods. Even if you do not have this medical condition but the side effects of misoprostol still can overload the kidneys, therefore many-many are drinking water after doing a medical abortion to alleviate the side effects appear. Medical history that require special handling when accessing medical abortion addition to the physical conditions mentioned there are also a number of medical history should be considered when making medical abortion. Relax, this medical history will not hinder the process of medical abortion, really. During dealt with properly, you can still make a safe abortion with drugs though has a history of following diseases:

Bleeding disorders

Bleeding disorders are common in women. The symptoms are coming month time span is too long, bruising that appeared suddenly on the feet and hands when fatigue, also wounds that are difficult or take longer to dry out.


Infection is the body's reaction when there is infiltration of viruses, bacteria and other materials into the body and weaken the immune system. In these conditions the body would be more vulnerable when accessing medical abortion, even complications can occur and blood poisoning. When an infection is usually a doctor you will also be asked to consume a number of antibiotics that can counteract the effects of the drug to be used in the process of medical abortion. Spend the first antibiotikmu before abortions safely using the drug.

Has a history of doing a caesarean in less than 6 months

Scar caesarean scars are particularly vulnerable, especially if they are conducted in less than 6 months or if the scar has not dried up. Effects of obat aborsi murah misoprostol which contracts blood vessels can cause the incision is still not fully healed reopen.

If you have signs or medical history that has been mentioned above, you need to make sure your body in top condition when performing medical abortions. For example, if you have an infection and antibiotics, first make sure infeksimu been treated and antibiotics that the doctor has also been depleted. If you are lost, you can contact the Hotline. Discuss your condition with konselormu before you do a safe abortion.

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